Next Stop Boracay

Our friends told us catching the early flight was better so that we arrive to Boracay early and make the most of the day. She was right! However, most hotels don’t really allow you to check in until 2 or 3pm. Which after an early morning flight can seem like forever. There is pretty much zero chance of them letting you check in early as well.

We stayed at Boracay Holiday Resort at station 2. The place itself was basic but had all you needed. It had a particularly awesome pool which we didn’t use nearly enough. The breakfast was gross and we didn’t eat it at all. Would we recommend staying here? yes, why not. It’s close to everything.

Anna was quite sick during this part of our journey and the poor thing had to head to the hospital to get on a drip and some antibiotics but as a result we were able to experience probably the best beach to date we have been to ever. Puka Beach (see pic below)

Puka Beach Heaven

White beach is the main beach that runs along stations 1 – 3. Its packed with resorts, over priced average food, fast food, shakes, massages, and hawkers offering island hoping tours ‘ma’am’.

Our favourites were;

Juice Station

Sunny Side Cafe


Ambassadors Paradise

We are sure there are many more epic ones that we missed but being on a budget in Boracay means that you should skip a few splurges as quite often the relationship between value and quality can be a bit discrepant.

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