Hello Seoul, South Korea

South Korea most definitely took us by surprise. If you want to be smacked in the face (in a good way) with culture then South Korea is the place. It has an abundance of everything you can think of.

us landing in Hongdae, Seoul feeling blissfully happy.

Gwanjang Market – Street Food a Netflix Sensation

As usual, we were starving and had just watched Street Food the Netflix series episode on South Korea. So we dragged our friend Lauren to Gwangjang Market to help us hunt down the little lady that made knife cut noodles and kimchi dumplings. We almost gave up because we were so hungry (we ate someone els dumplings before hand) but we pushed on and soon enough found her stall and her charming little smile. We got an obligatory second serve of dumplings (W5000 for 6) and a tasty bowl of knife cut noodle soup (W5000). We were officially stuffed!

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